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I’m not skilled enough to offer technical development help, but can offer suggestions as a user and talk about how I personally use Datapane to enrich our data.

For example. I work for a council and all of our data is owned by the public, but not yet accessible easily, so part of my job is answering data requests.
Currently we simply provide a nasty big spreadsheet of data to the public and I always feel bad for the non-technical users.

I have been experimenting with providing them with a report generated by Datapane and the feedback has been great! I can embed all the legal info that I need to in the report, add a page where they can download the spreadsheet of data if they want it, but most importantly, generate a series of graphs where their data is plotted and interactive! It is also really eay to add descriptions of the data, and links to relevant resources.
It’s a really beautiful and interactive way to provide data to the public and I hope to take it further.

The main issue I am facing with this is the file size. Often the files can become very large, over 100Mb.
That is why I am really keen to see the multiple pages html improvement: https://forum.datapane.com/t/saving-multiple-pages-to-individual-html-files/23

This would also allow us to host certain portions of this data to be more easily accessible to the public from anywhere, anytime.

Thank you for such a wonderful product, and please keep up the great work, the improvements, and the passion for displaying beautiful data reports!