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  • Toggle
  • Divider
  • Page Layouts


  • Creating an automated dashboard using Datapane and GH actions (nice example from an older post)


Hello all!

Let’s use this space to brainstorm our upcoming templates @mandeep @leoanthias

One useful template could be a Performance Dashboard for Classifiers. We could use the Iris flower dataset for our sample. I imagine this consisting of the following:

  • dp.Tab blocks, switching between different dp.Plot blocks, each displaying metrics over time, where different models were developed and tested.

  • dp.Page blocks where each page contains results for a different model. In this scenario, a team has been experimenting with different models/improvements over time.

    • dp.BigNumber blocks that highlight the current performance metrics.
    • dp.DataFrame block loading in the current test dataset and the predicted classifications.
    • dp.Plot block presenting the confusion matrix for the current model.
    • dp.Text block containing a link to the model/experiment repo, rationale for the experiment, and some discussion.