How to add buttons to Plotly mod bar for Datapane?

Moved from GitHub, posted by user thomasmore72.

Hi all,
When I upload my Plotly graph to Datapane I lose the modbar tools I added.

Here are the tools using
and here are the tools once uploaded to Datapane:
Here’s the entire script: (its not sensitive as its just a test script, might be a bit messy Test script.txt

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you @thomasmore72!

I took a closer look and found that you can configure the mode bar with update_layout, e.g.:


import datapane as dp
dp.Report(dp.Plot(fig)).upload(name="My example reportv5", open=True, publicly_visible=True)

Check it out here, besides the orientation is that what we’re after?

The orientation of the mode bar looks like a bug - I’ll convert this to an issue!

Please let us know if there’s anything else in the meantime!