Saving multiple Pages to individual HTML files

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In general, I find it very convenient that the report is saved as a singe file HTML document.

However, sometimes the report size might become too big (in one of my use case I have a report with 60 pages, each page is app. 30 MB) and the browser cannot handle it.

My current solution is to generate a single file html document for each page using datapane and load them from auto generated index page using iframe. I couldn’t find a way how to embed a static html in datapane (there are some js security measures that prevent it), so I had to write the index page myself (which works well, but doesn’t look that nice).

It would be very nice if this feature (generate individual HTML files for each page) was available natively in Datapane and could be enabled by setting corresponding flag when generating a report.

Thank you in advance!


+1 for this please :–)

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